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Inexpensive Landscape Ideas

Inexpensive Landscape Ideas

Affordable Landscape Design Ideals

Landscape design ideas can be done on the cheap if you learn a few tricks of the trade. Find the best offers and obtain resources at reasonable prices without sacrificing style and design.

1. Use the internet – Online suppliers and catalogs often have broader and are usually cheaper.  By using the internet, you will be able to find deals that stores may not offer as well as items that you cannot buy at your local hardware store.

2. Reuse goods – If you are enthusiastic about recycling, you will be able to landscape for a fraction of the cost.  Old pool liners would be great as a pond liner, while bricks from a construction site would make great brick pathways in your garden. Several online sites allow users to post items they no longer want; these can be recycled and used in your garden without costing a penny.

3. Trade with others who live nearby – Cut down the cost of landscaping by trading your cut flowers for theirs and vice versa.  By exchanging resources that are no longer needed for ones you can use, you can then splurge on other design elements that you are not willing to part with.

4. Use what’s on hand – Rather than purchasing store bought mulch, use the leaves you just raked or use newspaper as a liner for flower beds.  Using what’s on hand not only saves you money, but it helps you recycle and reuse!

5. Advertise your contractor – Many business proprietors can provide discount rates to customers who promote for them. This could be in the form of testimonials, recommendations, or even a sign on your front lawn.

6. Turn junk into something useful – Use pallets that are scheduled to be thrown away in your garden or contact cement companies to find out if they could pour leftover cement with a fraction of the cost.  Find out if a certain product, that may be a floor model, can be sold as is instead of purchasing a brand new one.

7. Parts of project. It may be cheaper to work on smaller portions of your outdoor space to save money. Or, if you speak with certain contractors, they may be willing to give a discount for a larger project.

8. Buy for a discount. Shop during the winter season for discounts on outdoor materials and purchase common plants rather than unique or special varieties.


9. Quality not quantity. Make sure that what you are purchasing, will last awhile, is made out of quality materials and is what you are looking for.

10. Do it yourself or do search for better.  Shop around for the best possible prices, don’t be afraid to talk with your landscape artist if you want to change a design and discuss ideas with other designers.

Your dream outdoor space is waiting for you but don’t spend more than you can afford if you don’t have to. By being cash conscious, you can really save on your landscape design if you just plan ahead.

Top 10 Landscape Design Ideas

The right landscape ideas can make any outside venture a success, whether you are developing a new patio or preparing for a DIY update. From finding the best landscape design ideas or motivation to maintaining your preferred luxury garden, the landscape designs guidelines and design ideas below will help get you the result you are looking for.

Green is the way to go.  Green or organic landscape design is not as difficult as it appears to be. By planning ahead, you can make a spectacular landscape design while being eco-friendly. With the growing concern about the state of the earth and climatic change, green ideas in landscape design are becoming more and more common.

Grass. Think about your options when deciding which way to begin your garden. Planting seeds requires a longer period, but is much cheaper, while sod is costly but provides instant results. Many individuals do both, putting in sod in the entry and planting seeds the back.

Inspiration.  Get your creative juices flowing by gathering images of landscape guidelines and concepts that are similar to what you are looking for. Publications, the internet, and your neighbors’ outside areas are often the best sources for motivation.

Theme. Consider an overall design or concept idea for your patio. You might want to make a spectacular modern Oriental designed getaway in your garden, complete with a pond, bamboo bedding walls and flourishing blossoms. By considering an overall concept, it’ll be easier to plan.

Small sections.  Huge landscape design tasks can be quite expensive. Split the job into smaller segments that will be easier on your budget rather than finishing the entire thing at once.

Annuals. Perennials will add long-lasting lifestyle to your landscape design. However, annuals are typically cheaper than perennials and can add wide range if they are changed each year.

Organic.  A good kitchen compost system will make an natural, nutrient-rich humus that will naturally improve the quality of your ground and plants without including substances to your patio such as harsh chemicals.

Mulching.  Using natural rich compost materials will help keep water, enhance the dirt, and decreases the amount of weeds so there is less of a need for preservatives and substances. This helps you stay within your budget throughout the year.

Research. Compare prices and read reviews before purchasing products you are unsure of. Get a second opinion before purchasing something, especially if it may turn out to be a costly mistake.   Ask store clerks if they can recommend another product that is similar or shop around at several stores to make sure that you get the best deal as well as the best product.

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